Overcoming Stress at Sea (2018) English version – viewable online.
An ATC civilian instructor has cycled the “front line” of World War 1 from Asian Turkey to the Channel coastline of Belgium. Here is his story .
To Praise Him – What Christianity Means to “Me” : ‘As a Christian, I believe that God, who created the trees and the clouds, the hills, and you and me, came down to earth, not as a super-hero to zap all the baddies but as a tiny human baby, and that he grew up and died in love for you and me.’
Discipleship – A Bible study (Roman Hindi) – Student version (pdf)

Discipleship – A Bible study (Roman Hindi) – student version (print format)

Discipleship Course-English -Student’s version

The Leader’s versions can be obtained from the office (email: info@navalmilitarybiblesociety.org ; by telephone: 023 9269 9873 ; or by post)

The staff email addresses have changed (…@navalmilitarybiblesociety.org), following the re-naming of the Society to Naval & Military Bible Society.


Overcoming Stress at Sea – click on image to read booklet:

Away from home

Away from Home – English (2016)

Away From Home – Tagalog (2016)

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English                          Chinese                           Polish

 AFHPorcover              AFHRomcover                AFHRuscover

Portugese                  Romanian                       Russian

 AFHSpncover            AFHTagcover                God's Compass  

Spanish                       Tagalog                     Gods Compass

  ITAScover                       YANAcover                         YANA(Tagalog)cover 

In Touch at Sea                YANA English                      YANA (Tagalog)

Naval & Military Bible Society is working with Biblica (the holder of the NIV Bible copyright) to produce a large, but limited, number of MP3 players loaded with the NIV audio Bible as read by David Suchet (see below), for use by British military forces in circumstances where the internet and other electronic media is not available.

NIV Bible Apps

Introducing not one, but two Bible reading apps. 


DS icon

NIV Audio Bible App

Inspired by the universal appreciation and success of the award-winning David Suchet Audio Bible CD set, and the continued demand for the NIV Bible as an eBook, we decided to marry the two in app format, thus making the Bible accessible to a wider audience. The NIV Audio Bible App is now available on the App Store. It’s a very simple to use Bible reading app, containing the full text of the NIV Bible (Anglicised edition) as well as David Suchet’s beautiful recording. You do not have to be online to listen though, as the audio recording is included. However, that does mean you need to have enough space for it on your device!

As well as listening to Suchet’s sublime narration as you read the attractively laid out Bible text, you can make notes and bookmarks in the journal tab. Mirroring the look and feel of the popular NIV Journalling Bible, this feature feels similar to writing in the margins of your print Bible – but neater! You can also easily share your favourite verses and notes with friends via social media or email.

Read more about the NIV Audio Bible app or buy it here.

NIV Bible app jpeg

NIV Bible App

If you want to access the NIV Bible quickly and easily on your tablet or phone, but do not want the David Suchet narration (or you already have it), the simpler NIV Bible App is for you. This app is exactly the same as the one described above, just without the audio element. The NIV text is very clearly presented and can be read easily on both iPad and iPhone devices and you can change the size of the text to suit your eyesight. It is very easy to navigate to the Bible passage you wish to read, either via the scroller, or the main menu, where you will also find short reading plans, a search function and shortcuts to key Bible stories, people and places. The journalling feature is also included here too.

The clever feature of this app is that if you have already purchased the NIV Audio Bible as a download from iTunes*, or have uploaded the files from the MP3 CD onto your iOS device, this app can automatically find those files and synchronise them with the Bible text, verse by verse.

Find out more about the NIV Bible app or buy it here.