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Naval & Military Bible Society now has the in-house ability to emboss crests into the hard cover of Bibles, with or without metallic foil. If the crest is already held, the cost for embossing will be £5 for 1 – 5 Bibles and £1 for each further Bible, in addition to the cost of the Bible(s). If the crest is not already held, production of the crest will be extra.

Bible CEV SB CEV MTP Softback MILNIVCover2014 NIV MTP Hardback 2016CoverNIV MTP Soft Back (2016) Bible KJV Jungle      KJV Soft Back

NIV Hardback

(RAF badge shown)

Bible RMC NRSV Hardback with Apochrypha(RMAS badge shown) NRSV Hardback(RN badge shown) Bible KJV PlainKJV Hardback(NMAFBS badge shown) 2016Cover

Seafarers NIV Softback (2016)

Hardback versions (other than Camouflage) can be die stamped with Regimental badge, etc., in black, silver or gold.New Testaments & Psalms
CEV NTPRoyal Navy & Sea Cadets ArmyMTPFrontCEV NTP



NTP-CEV-ParaCEV NTP Parachute Regiment


 Welsh language New Testaments now available
2016-ntp-niv-frontcover-rn NIV NTPRoyal Navy & Sea Cadets 2016-ntp-niv-frontcover-army NIV NTP



2016-ntp-niv-frontcover-paraNIV NTP Parachute Regiment


New Testaments are also available with vinyl covers for: Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and Submariners. The badgeless version can be modified with your unit badge, if we have the die-stamp.


DiglotNT-Seafarers New Testament Tagalog – English diglot


How much do you know about the most famous person in world history? If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to carefully explore an eyewitness biography of Jesus of Nazareth, then start here.


The Gospel According to John

Uncover version with AFCU / SASRA/Badgeless sleeve choice

 Booklets (A selection is shown – there are more on the order form)(Click on the publication title hyperlink to see more detail)
 Letsaskthe PadrecoverLet’s ask the Padre  God SpeaksGod Speaking YANA(Tagalog)coverYou are not alone (Tagalog) SeaStresscoverTagalogOvercoming Stress at Sea(Tagalog)

Overcoming Stress at Sea (English)

available online

indexThe Gospel According to John WW1 Reproduction
Little books Corps values / Little book of Life etc Gods Compass

(Download only)

ITAScoverIn touch at sea CoreValuescoverFCore values  Cadet prayer book
 AFHEngcoverAFHTagcover2016Away from Home (English (Download only)/Portuguese/Romanian/Tagalog/Chinese /Russian (Download only) /Danish/Greek) CombatStresscoverLowCombat the stress A full lifecoverA full life Moral CompassCover2011The moral compass Inner Struggles
GiftofGodEnglish Front Cover 2The gift of God(Tagalog)

TheGiftOfGod-English available online

CombatingChangeCover4Combating change LoveofMoneycover Love of money In Touch on Operations-cover In touch on operations Hear My Cry (2)Hear my cry
Navigating to the Muslim HeartNavigating to the Muslim Heart 2016MCObookletMCO Booklet an-you-believe-itCan you believe it? TruthUnlocked-(c)BeaconLightTruth Unlocked forgivenessmattersForgiveness matters
 Discipleship – A Bible study (Roman Hindi) – Student version (pdf)

Discipleship – A Bible study (Roman Hindi) – student version (print format)

Discipleship Course-English -Student’s version

The Leader’s versions can be obtained from the office

(email: ; by telephone: 023 9269 9873 ; or by post)

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